Struggle Kingdom

Lets face it, humanity is totally disrupting nature. We are directly causing extraordinary changes to environments globally in extremely diverse ways. So what does this mean for the animal kingdom that already deals with the many challenges of life? They must adapt creatively. They must survive. No matter what we do to this planet the animal kingdom will always find ways to persist in pursuit for life.


So lets jump ahead a large chunk of years on Earth. The specific amount is irrelevant, but long enough for the climate to change drastically. This is an obvious direct result of our constant pollution and resource exploitation. Life on earth has been forced to adapt new ways to live in a transformed environment. Changes may be favorable to some and put others in dire straits. Struggle Kingdom imagines potential situations different species may encounter in this altered Earth. Signs of humanity still exist but only as a reminder that our importance is no more than any other life. We are just as fragile. Our environmental impact will be our legacy. Even if we destroy ourselves, life will continue to find ways to persevere.