Interchangable Numbers

The existence of Time is only relevant in our perceptions of it, and no single perception is necessarily identical. There are many different aspects of our culture that sculpt these perceptions. The tools may be the same, however the medium is always different (for the most part at least). One may feel that driving slow is a waste of valuable time, while others may say it is relaxing. In my work, I have chosen objects to represent these different facets of our culture that control us, and command us to hold so dear to something that doesn’t even exist. Time is a man made invention. It is used as a measurement of existence, but existence is immeasurable.  The now is always happening but never substantial. It is never the same, the only constant is change, with that in mind time should never be constant


When the unnatural constant keeps droning in our heads we form a scheduled state of mind. For instance, when someone feels the need to accomplish many tasks they feel they should work as quickly as possible to get it done so that it is out of the way. What we find is that regardless of how fast we do something there is always more to do when it is done. It is this culturally sculpted state of mind that time is extremely valuable and by using as little of it as possible we are saving something. However, I am unsure as to what we are saving by doing this, more time? These perceptions are controlled and influenced by our surroundings, and the most important aspect in our culture is speed. This makes the minute more valuable than gold. If a website does not load in ten seconds we become impatient. If our McDonald’s is not ready in five

minutes we demand compensation. If there is a traffic jam we become irate. If we never stop to smell the roses we will lose our sense of smell.